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Social, Emotional and Coping Skills Learning Programs 

Capable is a series of programs that help Elementary School children develop social, emotional and coping skills. Using innovative and interactive school programs such as Zippy's Friends, Apple's Friends and Passport: Skills for Life, Capable helps promote children's mental health in your school.

From the head, to the heart

A simple statement that communicates our vision.
With the help of teachers, school professionals and parents, our fun interactive activities empowers children to flourish.

Discover Our Programs

The programs are based on a well-tested theoretical approach by Lazarus and Folkman (1984). They have demonstrated that the negative consequences of stressful events can be avoided by learning effective coping strategies.


Zippy's Friends

Zippy's Friends is an innovative, evidence-based mental health promotion program that increases coping and socials skills in children  6 - 7 years old. 


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Apple's Friends

Apple's Friends was developed as a follow-up to Zippy's Friends. The activities consolidate children's achievements, reinforce emotional literacy, and increase their coping skills.


Passport: Skills for life

Passport: Skills for life is a universal school-based program that develops emotional literacy, social skills, and coping skills for children aged 10 to 12.



Our programs do not instruct children on what to do. They do not dictate whether "this solution is good or bad." Instead, children are encouraged to explore and think up solutions for themselves.

Real Results

Our programs have  increased children's range of coping strategies, improved academic achievement, and have a positive effect on the classroom environment. 

Class Environment

With more support
and respect comes improved participation and a predisposition
to learning

Stress Reduction

Classroom management made easy.  Coping strategies help children resolve conflicts and challenges.

Behaviour Problems

Decrease in inappropriate behaviours such as  impulsivity, aggressiveness, and agitation. 


❝ A climate of trust was established within the groups. Children were respectful of each other, both in and out of class. ❞

School Director 

Our Team

Committed to the promotion of mental health among children


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Lorraine Millette
Program Coordinator

Phone: (+1) 514 987-4832

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